Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome to classic Cuenca Ecuador!

Our hotel is located in city center only a short walk from the famed marble Cathedral, the icon of Cuenca Ecuador, with three characteristic sky blue ceramic domes. Here, the term “hostal” refers to an economic hotel rather than a youth hostal, which we are not. The street in Cuenca on which Hostal Chordeleg is located, Gran Colombia, is one of the preferred streets for tourism, night spots, restaurants, shopping and is central to downtown or often called “old town” Cuenca.
If you seek an economic, clean, secure , family run traditional “old town central” setting in which to lodge when touring southern Ecuador, or just investigating Cuenca, Hostal Chordeleg is the most often chosen option. Each room has a private bath, color TV and carpeting. You’ll have access of course to phones and fax. All rooms include a breakfast and gallons of rich locally hand picked gormet “estate” coffee in our dining area to get you started on your way touring UNESCO’s quaint Andes city of Cuenca.
"Cuenca" actually means "bowl" in Spanish and "Cuenca de Santa Ana de los Quatro Rios" (Cuenca of Saint Ann of Four Rivers) is officially the name. Cuenca Ecuador got its name from Cuenca Spain actually, as some aspects of both Cuencas are common such as the bowl like geographical settings of both and in certain areas, steep river banks

Our hotel is actually a remodled antique mansion of more than 100 years, listed by UNESCO. It lends itself as a window into the past architectural style yet with all modern appointments. We are located right downtown in the “city center" - or in Spanish, 'el centro” in the heart of what many tourists call “old town”. Within a few minutes walk you'll dine at fine international and traditional restaurants, enjoy museums and stroll through newly renovated parks. You may rest a bit in one of many coffee shops or enjoy the night life practically at your doorstep. Cuenca, being a college town and cultural center as well as Ecuador’s third largest city, is divided by four brooks (erroneously called rivers) and has a pleasant perpetual Springtime setting noted for education, art and retirement. The newly reset hewn flagstone streets and ceramic sidewalks, renovated 19th century archetecture, church terazas and the many newly rebuilt parks add to nostalgia.

Lifestyle is quite diverse here. Entertainment in the form of anything from traditional dance, flute music in the central park, evenings at theatrical, soccer and musical events sparkling with varied nightspots, tappas restaurants and cozy family run picturesque Latin niches in which to dine or enjoy a glass of wine or a rich cup of Ecuadorian coffee make Cuenca Ecuador THE happening place. The perpetual Spring time climate is is never hot nor never cold yet Cuenca is not far south of the Equator. The elevation of 2,500 meters is the reason.

The countryside natives traditionally wear their village costumes when coming to town to do business and shop. Each village has it's own "colors" and costume. By the way Jefferson Perez, the world's fastest "fast walker" and olympiad is a Cuencano.

Nearby Inca ruins preserved by Banco Central's archeological site near city center of Cuenca, with its amazing museum of antiquities and cultural center, begs for a tour of the magnificent Inca ruins two hours north by bus or car at Inga Pirca. The high tundra national park, "El Cajas" is less than an hour from Cuecna on the road to Guayaquil and much of it is above 4,000 meters elevation.

Use our hotel's safe to store your valuables and documents while on tour in Cuenca. Take color copies of your passport’s photo page and entry “stamp” page on which was stamped our entry into Ecuador by our immigration service when you entered the country. It is advised to limit your accoutraments to simle dress, no jewelry, a limited amount of cash, conceiling your camera and the least amount of backpacks etc. as practical. When eating at restaurants or using an internet cafe keep your purse or pack on your lap and secured rather than hanging it off the back of your chair or on the floor, loose.

Above is a night shot of a church close to the hotel
Rates are complete, net, that is, they include ALL taxes, tarrifs & tips, even breakfast.
There are no hidden fees nor “tourist rates”, all rates apply
to all visitors equally from all countries including Ecuador.

“Personal” (single) - $24
“Matromonial” (queen bed) - $32
“Double” (two beds) - $36
“Tripple” (three beds) - $48
“Family Suite” (six beds) - $60
Special rates for weekly - monthly stays and apartment arrangements

Thank you for considering a visit to Ecuador.
We at Hostel Chordeleg hope your stay in Cuenca is most enjoyable.
Fresh brewed coffee and tea are always hot and waiting in our lobby.

"Bienvenidos! "

Your hosts - Frankie and Natalia and family